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PureCycle Introduction

       The new PureCycle series Organic Rankine Circle (ORC) power generation systems of TICA, are mature solutions introduced from UTC of the USA. It adopts organic working fluid with low boiling point. Under the condition of low temperature heat source, the organic working fluid can obtain high-pressure gas, driving expander to get power. The low level heat energy is converted into the high level electricity. The system applies to low temperature (80-300℃ ) waste heat recovery and power generation, improving the efficiency of energy utilization, and promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction.

        TICA PureCycle products can be widely used for waste heat recovery power generation in energy-intensive industries, such as steel metallurgy, cement and building materials, chemical and petroleum industry, printing and dyeing, papermaking, thermoelectricity and nuclear power, chemical fertilizer and pharmaceutical industry etc. The useless low-level heat energy is converted into high quality electricity. And the product can also be applied in renewable energy power generation systems (such as geothermal, solar power and biomass).

The principle is shown as below:
( 1 ) The water absorbs the energy of high temperature heat source, flows into the evaporator and heats the organic working fluid; Organic working fluid is converled to high pressure gas in the evaporator,
( 2 ) High pressure gas drives the turbine to work and generator produces electricity;
( 3 ) After expansion, low pressure gas enters the condenser and gets cooled to low temperature as working fluid,
( 4 ) Working fluid gets a higher pressure through the refrigerant pump, then enters the evaporator to complete the whole cycle again

         The Test Center of TICA has been certified by CNAS.The Laboratory management and testing system are strictly in accordance with the regulations of GB, IEC, TUV, CSA, UL standards TICA Lab has established a wide range of technical cooperation and exchanges with a number of well-known testing organizations domestically and overseas.

         Up to now, TICA has completed nearly 30 national professional laboratory testing platforms Test center is capable of performing working condition test, long-term operation test, noise test, transport test, rain test, salt fog corrosion Test, clean system test, chemicals test. etc.

       Presently TICA has completed China's first professional ORC power generation demonstration center,using hot water to drive system and produce electricity, with automatic grid-connection It made good refences for ORC system application in various industries. The system has many functions, including simulation, performance test, power quality evaluation, etc.



     Heat source simulation

Adjustable inlet water temperature range:60-1600°C , simulating geothermal, industrial waste heat and other industry conditions.

    Professional control system

Precise control for temperature and flow of cold and heat source, guarantees stability of the system under different load and smooth condition switch.

    Data acquisition

Automatic and accurate acquisition of the parameters at each control point for data analysis.

High Reliability

Integrated design of turbine generator,no refrigerant leakage, control system with multiple protedion system, low system failure rate.

Modular Installation
Using multiple units to increase power output with varieties of connection ways to make the best of heat and save the site space.

Automatic Grid-connection

 The system output can adapt to the parameters of grid (voltage, frequency,phase) automatically. and be grid-connected directly.

Remote Monitoring System

 The system can provide remote monitoring system to guarantee the site safety through internet or LAN.

High Efficiency

The system efficiency with turbine generator can reach 10%-20%. much higher than the screw type system from Japan.

Highly Integrated

Excellent system integration, one key 10 start and stop, professional and well-designed control panel.

Geothermal power plant, California, USA.50 PureCycle power units work in parallel with an output power of 14MW.