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Tica Thermal is invited in China cement energy saving and environmental protection technology exchange meeting
On September 22 to 24, Tica Thermal can be invited to participate in Wuhu, "the 2016 Fourth China Cement Energy Environmental
Foreign experts help the Tica Thermal energy
Tom is the technical manager of PureCycle ORC. Lance is a senior systems engineer for Pratt & Whitney PureCycle ORC
Tica will build the largest R & D and manufacture base for low temperature waste heat power generation---China's highest technol
On August 8, Nanjing Tica Thermal Technology Co.LTD. base set ceremony in Nanjing National Economic and Technological Development Zone was held

        Nanjing Tica Thermal Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2015, specializes in the waste heat recovery system solutions and new energy development, and according to the user heat source conditions, provides such services as technical advisory, design program, medium (low) temperature waste heat power generation design and installation, project general contracting, etc.. In December 2015, Tica Thermal ORC laboratory debugging ......

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